Micah Bug

To say that life has been busy since having our third child – would be the understatement of this galaxy!
I’ve never been more tired, but more blessed.
More worried yet more encouraged.
More preoccupied yet more focused.
I’ve never known a day where I wasn’t grateful to be mom to these three crazy boys.image


Micah is like the icing on our family cake. Sweet, silly, cuddly, affectionate, knows no stranger, loves being in the nursery, awesome traveler, bright and as cute as a bug!  In fact, that’s his nickname – Micah-Bug. 

From the moment of conception, this childs hair has known no stunt of growth.  It. Is. Out. Of. Control. 

image image



Let me be he first to tell you, however, that the amount of attention that this child receives from perfectly good strangers is the highlight of his life at every grocery store, market, retail store, gas station, zoo and church!  They rub his hair as though it’s a rabbits foot or some other form of good luck. It’s quite entertaining. 

  The amount of pictures I have accumulated over the course of this last year far exceed my computers capability to withstand in a single post – so I will resist. I WILL be – however – posting lots of them on here – in high hopes that you get a small taste of what I get, everyday, here at home with him. Enjoy!