37 Reasons

For Tim’s birthday this year, the boys and I made him a card …. a 8 x 12 card ūüôā


The boys drew things that they love most about their dad …

This one is from James

(his favorite thing he did with his dad is going to COSI)

(his favorite food that dad makes is his breakfast sandwiches)

(he loves dad most because Dad loves him!)Image

(and the picture to the left of the page is a picture of Tim throwing James in the air …. another favorite activity that James loves)

This one is from Peter

(his favorite thing that he did with dad is make his Awana race car)

(he loves when dad makes tacos – his favorite food)

(he loves him most for being his Dad!)Image

For my card, I came up with 37 reasons that I love Tim most ….

1) You love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength

2) You love our kids and desire them to love Jesus

3) You love me more than yourself

4) You change poopy diapers

5) You see a need and meet that need (whether that means giving a quick massage or bringing home a pizza)

6) You love your parents and still respect them

7) You put US first, before the kids

8) You take me to our favorite bed and breakfasts’

9) You fix our cars and things around the house, saving $$ on repairs

10) You love others and want their cars to run as smoothly as possible

11) You have a heart for missions

12) You let me listen to Christmas music during the ‘bers’

13) You teach our children to respect our things and others

14) You have a sincere hatred for Walmart just as much as I do

15) You helped breed three children, instead of the original plan of two

16) You saved up and shopped wisely for our Pacifica, only to let it be ‘mine’

17) You are consistent

18) You love cooler weather

19) You ride all of the crazy rollercoaster rides that I won’t go near, with our boys

20) You love vacations

21) There’s no dollar amount you won’t spend to make sure our boys go to a Christian school

22) You have good taste in clothing – well, in MY clothing

23) You enjoy taking family walks

24) You love my family – all 327 of them

25) You are a loyal friend – even, sometimes to a fault

26) You love giving others a chance to ear money and/or serve

27) You’re the first one to volunteer to help someone out, no matter how difficult the task may be

28) You’re picky with painting

29) You call me beautiful when I’m in my yoga pants and a spit-up covered t-shirt

30) You call me all sorts of names of endearment – all created by you

31) You love cabins

32) You have patience with the children

33) You love our youth group and go to extreme to interact with them

34) You pay and keep track of all of our bills

35) You go Black Friday shopping with me – no matter what time the doors open

36) You find it the upmost importance to see that your family attends church and Sunday School ever Sunday

37) No matter how many games they may loose – you are still the most dedicated Viking’s fan

Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life!


Baby Weldon #3


This is my 12 week baby bump ….. can’t believe I’m showing so soon! I guess that comes with baby #3!Image


This is our little Baby …… we don’t know a gender, yet – but we are thrilled either way!Image

My Favorite 2011 Christmas Story

So, there are a few things that we – as parents – tend to forget, or oversee, since we see our children day to day. ¬†Like, for instance …. how tall our kids become. ¬†I can’t count how many times someone has commented on how tall one of my boys have become – and as I stand there dumbfounded, staring at my child – as though it’s the first time I’ve ever seen them – it dawns on me how tall they truly have become. ¬†Just some things we just don’t notice right away, or aren’t as obvious to us because we see them day in and day out. ¬†One of those things dawned on me just before Christmas day, this year.

Tim and I have a pretty good system when it comes to shopping for Christmas. He and I are one of those ‘crazy shoppers’ who stay up all Thanksgiving Day, just so that we can stand in a line at 10, 11 or midnight. ¬†Then, we have breakfast around 3AM, at a Waffle House, and then shop until we literally drop from exhaustion. ¬†Tim takes the boys on a ‘manly shopping trip’ – where they get to pick out things to buy for me. ¬†One year it was Christmas socks ….. (nothing in this world says “I love you, Mom” more than a pair of ‘naughty or nice’ socks from your 3 year old son!), this year it was fingernail polish and my new cast iron skillets – and he really does let THEM pick things out … then they go out to eat and spend the whole day together – super cute, I might add! ¬† Tim and I do our shopping (our serious shopping) for each other separately too. ¬†Since our lists are getting smaller and smaller, but seemingly more expensive, we usually get each other ONE ‘big’ ($) thing and a few smaller things. ¬†One of those ‘smaller’ things have always been something slightly inappropriate – well, appropriate in the context of marriage. ¬†We wrap them up – in normal Christmas wrapping paper, but we put a cute little teaser on the name tag. ¬†THIS year, was no different. ¬†I just happened to have my gift for Tim, wrapped and under the tree before he had his done. ¬†To my surprise, I hear my 6 (almost 7) year old run up to me with this perplexed look upon his face …. he says, “MOM!? ¬†I found this gift under the tree that says, ‘To: NO Buns, From: Round Buns” ….. who is THAT for????”

Can you now guess what I forgot???? ¬†That’s right – I have a first grade READER on my hands!!!!!

“Wow – that’s right …. you can READ now!!!”. ¬†He stared at me waiting for a reply to his question. ¬†So, I thought about how to tackle this ….. I said, “Well, Peter …. you see when you’re older ……..hhmmm. ¬†When you grow up and get married ………ah. ¬†hmm. ¬† You know what? ¬†Don’t worry about it!”

This is just one of those fun-married-things that we’ve always done. ¬†We’ll have to be a LOT more creative next year …… one friend suggested spelling everything backwards. ¬†Well, 10 years wasn’t a bad run on this one…..any suggestions on how we can disguise this now??


This month has been CCRRRAAAAZZYYY!!!

We still exist, but have been in a whirlwind of school, homework, piano lessons, students, birthdays and parties, potty training and everything else in a normal day  . . . whew.

I have brought out my Fall recipes and am decorating the house for Autumn.

I’m already getting geared up for Christmas and all of the busyness that it brings!

Starting projects, trying new recipes, make over-ing rooms and reorganizing things.

Here was our September calendar. . . almost embarrassing how busy we were this month!

October is not looking much better, in fact, it may (somehow) even be busier!


It’s all good. ¬†All worth it. ¬†All coming together, beautifully!

On a perfectly awesomeness note:

James is totally potty-trained!!!

Night time.

Nap time.

All the time!

I’m so super excited, I can just hardly stand it!!!!!

SD Trip {day one}

In the words of a good friend (after announcing that Tim and I were leaving – no kids – for SD to bury Aunt Eleanor, and that it was far from a ‘vacation’) ¬†. . . ¬†she said “Anywhere without kids IS a vacation!”

She was right!

I really wasn’t expecting to do anything ‘vacation-like’ . . . after all, this was a short trip to have and help for a memorial service and burial . . so I had no great expectations of anything other than that. ¬†It didn’t bother me a bit. ¬†In fact, that’s why Tim and I chose not to bring the boys on this trip. ¬†Needless to say . . after this trip, Tim and I have decided to take the whole family on a road trip to South Dakota next Spring.

Let me give you a glimpse into how our trip started. . . .

We had one connecting flight, to MN and then from there to SD. ¬†On our flight to Minneapolis, the stewardess was coming down each row, asking what everyone would like to drink. ¬†Now, there were only 13 rows on this plane, this was NOT a large plane by any means. ¬†She stopped at our row, ROW 7 . . and announced that she was ‘done’ and was going to ‘park’ the cart away, so if anyone wanted anything to speak up now, or never. ¬†Tim and I just looked at each other in shock. ¬†Then, she came to our row, looked at me and asked what I wanted to drink. ¬†I asked if I could have a cup of coffee. ¬†She laughed at me and said “I’m not going to walk ALL the way back to the front of the plane to bring you coffee”. ¬†I just about fell out of my seat!!! ¬†Before I could even ask for something different, she huffed, rolled her eyes and went to the front to get my coffee. ¬†It was like she had JUST remembered what her JOB WAS! ¬†She brought back a cup of coffee (with hair in it, but that’s besides the point), and said “It’s probably not hot, you can let me know”, set it down in front of me and walked away, never to be seen again. ¬† I was flabergasted!!! ¬†I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a BAD stewardess.

So, this was not helping my outlook on our trip.

However, we arrived safely, and Patrick and Catherine (Tim’s brother and sister -in-law) picked us up from the airport and we had a nice time chatting with them.

We arrived at our hotel . . . .

this beast . . . . .

Let me give you a better picture of it (older, but still gives the full effect of what we were about to stay in)

Ever ride the Tower of Terror at Disney World???

This was about the same thing!

I had never, in all my life, stayed in a hotel with a Mexican AND Indian AND German flare to it.

I had never seen one with so much history.  I had never seen one with swastikas built into the foundation!

It was definitely interesting. ¬†No parking. ¬†No more than 5 people allowed in the elevator. ¬†It didn’t matter . . I was impressed that they even HAD an elevator. ¬†They had a grand piano, and really . . . that’s all that matters!!!

I have SO much more to share about this trip – so stay tuned . . it was a hoot!!!!

Anniversary Getaway!

Tim surprised me with a little weekend getaway trip to Indianapolis Indiana (didn’t really like the city, but again, we were driving through it and got lost . . many moons ago) . . I trusted him that he had some fun plans in the making!


Here are some pictures of our ROOM . . .

again . . I will emphasize OUR ROOM . . .

don’t want to be annoying, but you just don’t understand that these are pictures of our very OWN room . . .

try not to be surprised, I warned you!!

Ok, ok – so this wasn’t ‘our room’ . . .

that was just a test to see if you would believe me or not . . here are the real ones folks!

The Happy Couple!

Super Dad

Today, Tim did the following:

Went golfing with a friend, at 6:45 AM Р for 4 hours.

Swung by the house to set up the pool for the kids and I.

Went out to lunch with a buddy.

Came home and worked on his car.

Ran errands.

Watched the boys while I was at Choral Camp.

Took the boys outside and played on the water slide with them.

Fed the boys dinner.

Gave the boys a bath.

Brushed their teeth, read devotions and then prayed with them.

Put the boys to bed.

Cleaned the fish tank.

Did an oil change on his car.

Balanced the check book.

Did his devotions and FINALLY, went to bed before midnight!

Whew . . . what a guy!!!!