Peter: School Days


1st Grade

2nd Grade


Double Meaning

So, I’m sitting here on my computer, and Tim is reading a magazine, looking for ideas for our add-on to our home.  He asks if I can “open another window for him”, (so that we could look at one of the websites of one of the business’ we’re looking at)  As I do so, Peter jumps up and opens the curtain in our Living Room.  Tim mentions that he just closed that window, and Peter said “Well, you asked me to open another window for you!”  Too much!


Mom: Now, James  . . . you’re going to be good for your swim teacher tomorrow, right?

James: Oh, Yes!!!

Mom:  How much good?

(holds his arms out as wide as he can) James: This much good . . like a ton of computers.  -[whatever THAT means!]

Mom: James . . when you get married, someday, to a pretty girl, and they have a Mother-Son dance, you make sure to dance with me, ok?

James: Oh, yes I will.  You’ll always be my Mommy-Girl.

While visiting my Grandma in the hospital . . the boys brought her a picture that they each colored for her.  After a couple minutes passed, James turned around to see a ‘potty chair’ sitting next to her bed.  He, of course, asked what it was.  My Grandma told him that it was a big potty chair.  He exaimened it for a brief moment, and then responded, “How do you flush?”  Oh, my.

Peter: Mom, can I have the remote?

Mom: Why do you need the remote?  You know you’re not allowed to watch TV today.

Peter: I know.  I am just going to pretend.

Mom: You’re going to pretend that you’re watching TV?

Peter:  Yeah, you know how it is.

James: MOM!  Is it time to take the alligator???

Mom: What??

Peter: No, James . . . it’s not an alligator, it’s an ELEVATOR!

Mom:  Wow. . . thanks, Pete.  I had NO idea what he was talking about!

Our Peter Graduates

Today, my oldest son – Peter – graduated from Kindergarten.

I never thought I would be so excited and ‘into’ this whole ‘kindergarten graduation thing’ – but, yes, I AM One Of Those Moms now!

I totally built the day up – getting Peter all hyped about today!

side-note:  While at a picnic, Tim was drinking Mt. Dew’s Voltage – a clear, different flavored Mt. Dew – and Peter had been super thirsty  . . . and, even though we don’t allow the boys to drink pop – Tim let Pete have a sip because there wasn’t anything else around him, at the time, to drink.  Well, from that day on, Peter’s been practically on his knees begging for Mt. Dew Voltage.  We have resisted up until this story . . .

Since Peter has been so insistent on asking about this drink, I – without thinking – said something to the effect of “Well, maybe when you graduate – you can have some of that pop”.  And – of course, like any child would remember something so sacred and dear to his heart – he remembered my promise.

On his way to school, his last day of Kindergarten, I explained to him the reality of this day.  The ‘last’ experiences that he was going to have.  The last day he would have Mrs. Ruth as his teacher.  The ‘last’ time that all of his classmates would be in the same class all together – ever.  His eyes got glassy and he starred off into the distance.  I turned around and asked if he was ok.  He said, “Yes – I’m just really excited about having Mt. Dew today”.

Pictures from Graduation:

comparison picture from First Day of School:

comparison picture from First Day of School:

They won’t always be bright, colorful, fun looking backpacks . . .

Pictures of Peter’s Classroom:

The Wall that answered the question – “What color good were you today?”

And , of course, the ‘best color’ you could be all day was Peter’s favorite color – GREEN!

The reason we send Peter to Dayton Christian . . . .

The graduation speeches, poems, verses and songs these young children all memorized, gave God glory in and through every word.  I could NOT be more happy with our decision to send my son to this wonderful Christian school.  He may have different experiences than I had – but, that’s ok.  He’ll have the godly teachers and principle’s to help train him in the love of our Lord and to remind him, that in everything – word and deed – we are supposed to bring Him glory!  No school is perfect.  It’s not supposed to – if it were, we’d all be dead, because perfection will only come when we’re in the presence of God, Himself, in Heaven.  But, a school that reminds these children that our focus should be always on HIM – is the school for my family!

(Peter’s ‘love letter’ to Mrs Ruth is the second on the left!)

comparison picture from First Day of School:

A Basket of ‘Goods’ for Mrs. Ruth to start her next school year out right!

The Quilt all of the Kids put their name and handprint on for Mrs. Ruth:

Our Little Graduate!

Y is for YAK

Peter’s class had a Alphabet Parade

Each student was assigned to a different letter of the alphabet.

Peter got Y.


I asked what he wanted to be?

Thinking he’d choose yellow or yarn.

He chose YAK.


So . . . with the (minimum) knowledge I have of sewing (NONE of which I would have if it weren’t for my Grandma Toms and my Mom) . . . this is what I made.

I was just in shock that I could find material like this at JoAnn Fabrics!  That led me to believe that OTHER children ask to be something so unbelievably difficult to resemble.  I felt better!

Now, Peter was totally into this Yak thing.  Totally into character!

He sure was the cutest Yak I’VE ever seen!