Fall Music Workshop

I had my Fall Music Workshop – (most favorite one of the year) …. I try to have one of these each quarter of the year.  The Fall one is especially fun – mostly because I’m totally in love with the Season – but also because of all of the fun things we get to do and make!  We start off with a pizza party, we tackle some music stuff (we worked on rhythm and twisting/making our bodies into different kinds of notes), make some take-home crafts and it allows all of my students to meet all of the other students … we always have a blast!  This was also the first year that Peter got to join us!  He was so excited and really enjoyed the whole day with the other students!

Here’s my craft table:

We used the flowers/leaves to cover pencils for Flower Pencils:

We made carmel apples:

And lots of yummy cupcakes:

We had hot chocolate with marshmallows:

This was our scarecrow head that we made:

I always enjoy hosting these and am hoping to have one before Christmas …. lots of kids, but lots of fun!












~ Fall ~

It’s beginning to look like Fall at the Weldon Home!

A home-made Fall Flower Hanging Basket:The boys made some Fall Crafts too!

This is James’:

This is Peter’s:

Our Fall Trees (totally inspired by Kimberly Cornett):


This was another ‘Craft Day’ with Kimberly ….

Home-made Fall Wreath – made with old pillow cases:

Craft Day with Kimberly – Wooden Punpkins:

My Piano:

Happy Fall Ya’ll!!!!







Mom’s Night Out!

Last night I got away for an awesome MOM ONLY night . . . the place was packed with delicious decadent desserts, Chick-fil-a, chicken crescents, chocolate covered cake balls and other yummy treats!!!

All the hip Momma’s

Me and Miss Domestic Debacle

My BFF, getting her name tag signed . . . crazy ladies!

I had a great night with some really fun ladies – especially my best girl!

We left with tons of free stuff and good times filled with laughter!!!

Strawberry Pie Time!

My first Strawberry Pie of the year!!!
I make Strawberry pies for my family, usually all during the Summer months – but with the weather being so nice –  FINALLY with NO SNOW on the ground – and temperatures above freezing, I decided to make them early this year  . . . .  and NO ONE in my family was complaining about it, either!