Last Day of School

The boys attended two different schools this year.  James had his last year of Preschool at the Preschool that I teach at and Peter attended Dayton Christian for the third year.  I was one of those moms who refused to send my kids to preschool.  I figured it would be such a waste if I could do it from home!  I mean, come on …. it’s PREschool!!  How hard could it be?  So, that’s why we didn’t send Peter to school until Kindergarten.  However …… then we had James.  He was so different from Peter, in every way.  I knew right away that he would benefit tremendously from attending a Preschool, and a dear friend of mine offered to help with the cost if we were interested.  It was a perfect match!

So, for the last two years, our little James went to Preschool – and loved every minute of it!  I’m SO incredibly thankful for the help and guidance of my friend who made it all possible!

These are pictures of James’ last day.  He got a certificate that had some of his best contributing character qualities on it and each student received a special gift from their teacher (Mrs Trick) …. whom I had the privilege of working with this past year.  She sure loves James!ImageecuaImageImage

Peter finished 2nd Grade this year ….. and, as God’s providence would have it – he had the great honor to have the SAME teacher he had for Kindergarten, again, as his 2nd grade teacher.  Mrs Ruth has been such a godly example of patience, guidance, grace and love.  We just could not have asked for a better teacher for our Peter.

   So, as to be expected ….. Peter had his fun with his classmates on their last day of school.  Nothing excites little boys more than having the opportunity to take full advantage of being as goofy as possible with their friends.  No matter how close they actually were during the entire school year …. they are ALWAYS best friends on the last day of school.ImagePeter’s ‘BFF’ (as they call each other) … MattImageImageImageOur dear, sweet, Mrs. RuthImagePete’s 2nd Grade ClassImageWe couldn’t have asked for a better school year for both our boys.  We are blessed!  With the next school year just around the corner, we look forward to having both our boys attending the same school (sure makes it easier for travel) and having new opportunities with new teachers.


New Beginnings

Although it would appear that we have disappeared off the face of the Earth ….. we have not.  We’re still here!!

Life has been full of so many, mostly wonderful, new things!

Peter is in 2nd grade and is learning all new things.  He is off the hook with his math skills and has recently had some struggles with spelling, but in the last 2 weeks – thanks to some hard work, patience and a new app on my phone – he has really excelled and is now getting excellent grades on his spelling tests!!!  We’re super proud of our big guy!  He also had surgery a few weeks ago – which has taken much of our focus – but came through it beautifully.  It was a ‘little boy’ problem, so it was quite interesting trying to figure out how he can best explain his operation to his friends at school.  We called it his ‘surgery below his tummy on a hernia’ ….. because, honestly ….. what 7 year old is going to know what a hernia is??  It seemed to have worked, too!  He had his post-op follow-up and we’re all ‘clear’ for normal activity and ‘back to normal’ life!!!  And, let me just say …. it was not easy for this active little dude to keep under the radar for 2 weeks.  He has been counting down the days until he can, once again, be completely active!  He’s back to swim classes too, and couldn’t be a happier boy!  He had some fun visitors in the hospital that helped (both him AND I!) and the spoilege continued for the next couple days.  My best friend not only visited us in the hospital but then she [completely out of the kindness of her heart and kitchen] made us a meal and dropped off some ‘get well’ cards that her boys had made for Pete!  He was on cloud 9!  Then, his little ‘crush’ [a lady from our church, married ;), whom he has been in love with since he was 4] visited him here at home and brought a whole bag of goodies and things to do while he was on bed rest.  It really was perfect timing, because later that same day he quickly became ill, due to the anesthesia.  And, having those distractions was a huge blessing!  He later received a ginormous basket full of sweets from our prior Shepherding Elder and his family.  They live an hour away and sent him this basket so that he could have something extra special to snack on during his recovery.  Thankfully ….. he shared some of his chocolate with his Momma! 🙂  We were covered in prayer, by so many precious friends and family members, it made things much easier for us to ‘handle’.  This was the first time we’ve had a child go under for surgery, so it was a whole new experience for us all.  We also had so many friends and family watch Peter at home, while he recovered so that James could go to school and Tim and I could go back to work.  It was a blessing for sure!  These days, he enjoys playing and building with legos, trio blocks and other ‘boy like’ toys.  He has lots of little buddies at school and loves having playdates with them!  He lost 4 teeth so far, and has – I might add – quite the lazy toothfairy.  She has forgotten his $ at least twice.  But, with his gentle forgiving spirit, he hasn’t held anything against her;)


James is loving his second year of preschool at Springboro Preschool of Discovery.  He is also on his second year of swimming lessons and has learned, not only to swim, but to jump into the water, without holding his nose and how to do the breast stroke and back stroke.  He can also float – his personal favorite! 🙂   He learned how to write his name this year – and even though he insists on putting the hook on the right side of his ‘J’, because he thinks it should go that way, he’s actually pretty good at it, for being only 4 years old!  James is in Awanas this year!  He is officially a Cubbie …. and learns at least 2 memory verses each week and is doing wonderfully!  He also has some close buds at school and enjoys having playdates with them.  This little guy of ours is our TALKER!  We have something in our home that we use, called a ‘talking time out’ …. it’s for those 5 minutes of quiet that Mommy needs during the day! 🙂  He is also very active!!  He is in gymnastics and really loves using his energy to spin and jump, hop and turn, flip and flop.  He’s quite the mover!  Next year, all things will change, as he’ll be in Kindergarten and attending Dayton Christian – full day, everyday.  He’s my snuggle-bug, so every morning he cuddles with me and covers me in hugs and kisses, and then does it again before bed.  He loves playing all things pirates!  He still loves his dinosaurs and his all time favorite animal is still the sheep (baa-baa) and sleeps with his baa-baa pillow every night.  He cracks me up!


….. more updates to come!! 🙂

King’s Island FUN!

Tim and I decided to get King’s Island season passes for myself and both the boys.  We have a semi-busy Summer – not too full, but I’m still teaching and the boys have a VBS or two.  I didn’t want to overcrowd them with plans, so that we would have the freedom of going to the parks, waterparks or King’s Island whenever we could or felt like doing so.  I really want to be more spontaneous with the boys this Summer – so far, so good! 🙂


There’s very few times that I’ll be able to – kindly – trick my boys.  This is one of those rare moments.  Going on this water ride, as a kid, I knew the trick to getting soaked WASN’T riding the actual ride itself, but yet, standing on the bridge that overcast the ride was the place to truly be!  So, as any good mom would do – I tricked my boys (who wanted to get soaked) into standing at the perfect spot to be drenched.

Before the Water Ride:

After the Water Ride:

We had an absolute blast this day!  We went again the week following and will probably make it a habit of going at least once a week!

Cool Things

Peter’s self-portrait:

with a name tag.  You know, …. just in case he forgets.

James eating destroying cotton candy:

Peter’s 1st Grade Class gets a visit from the Chick-fil-A Cow:

thankfully, no cows were injured after this picture was taken.

Look closely at this one:

This is a cloud that the boys and Tim found on our way to Dee-Dee’s house.  It totally looks like a Triceratops (side view)

This just made me giggle:

James’ Homework Paper:

I’ve been working with him a little at home – this paper was pretty funny to me – look at the airplane …. he wanted it to say ‘danger’.  No kidding.  If my plane was going that direction, I would say that is pretty accurate to have ‘danger’ written on the sign.

Remember when …..

These are some pictures from last year’s Summer Vacation to Minnesota.  We took the boys to Mall of America and they have Lego Land ….. it was the craziest amount of one toy I’ve ever seen!  The boys adored their time there!

Crazy huge statue all made out of legos!

Hanging legos!

All from legos (somebody has the best, or the worst, job EVER!)

Again – cannot stress enough – ALL made out of legos!!!!!

The boys got to make their own lego – head, body, accessaries and all!

Pete making his own lego hero!

I don’t know why he’s squinting …. it’s not like it’s bright in there with all that yellow! 🙂

Woody!!!!  Howdie-howdie-howdie!