Micah Bug

To say that life has been busy since having our third child – would be the understatement of this galaxy!
I’ve never been more tired, but more blessed.
More worried yet more encouraged.
More preoccupied yet more focused.
I’ve never known a day where I wasn’t grateful to be mom to these three crazy boys.image


Micah is like the icing on our family cake. Sweet, silly, cuddly, affectionate, knows no stranger, loves being in the nursery, awesome traveler, bright and as cute as a bug!  In fact, that’s his nickname – Micah-Bug. 

From the moment of conception, this childs hair has known no stunt of growth.  It. Is. Out. Of. Control. 

image image



Let me be he first to tell you, however, that the amount of attention that this child receives from perfectly good strangers is the highlight of his life at every grocery store, market, retail store, gas station, zoo and church!  They rub his hair as though it’s a rabbits foot or some other form of good luck. It’s quite entertaining. 

  The amount of pictures I have accumulated over the course of this last year far exceed my computers capability to withstand in a single post – so I will resist. I WILL be – however – posting lots of them on here – in high hopes that you get a small taste of what I get, everyday, here at home with him. Enjoy!






Nephew Owen!!

James has been in that stage of ‘you’re too young/little to hold him’ for a while now.  Thankfully, the one thing he CAN do is feed Owen his bottle.  So, he does it like a champ!Image


This is one of my FAVORITE pictures of all 3 cousins …. my sister and I (apparently) only produce BOYS ….. and with one more on the way …. it’s going to be super fun!Image

Season of Change

I’m completely embarrassed of how long it’s been since I’ve posted an updated blog post.  Boy, oh boy.  It’s been quite a while.  To say that a lot has happened over the last few months would be the understatement of the year.  


   We had a wonderful Fall season, filled with business and events.  With both of my boys attending two different schools, in two different cities, has definitely had it’s challenges.  I took a new job position at a preschool, where James goes, and I work two full days there as music director.  But, that hasn’t stopped me from my first love – teaching piano.  I teach Monday, Thursday and Friday and work at the school Tuesday and Wednesday.  The boys are each involved in their own Awana’s group and enjoy learning new Bible verses each week.  It has been very good for both boys, but somewhat stretches them too, especially for Peter because he also learns Bible verses for school, once a week and most recently had a speech meet, where he learned and memorize poetry.  I was able to have my first official school-parade for my preschool kids.  They memorized many different (and new) songs about Fall, Halloween and other poems and got to march in their costumes and sing for their parents – it was, in one word, precious.  I really enjoy working there.  I have a wonderful, godly, boss who has really become a dear friend of mine.  Our oldest boys share the same class at Dayton Christian and are best buds.  It’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time!  It posses it’s challenges, though.  Memorizing 150 kids faces and able to put a name to that face has taken longer than I thought it would.  But, each class is so different and they really make me laugh! 

   Christmas was another really amazing season.  Tim’s brother (Pat) and wife (Catherine) flew here to Dayton to spend the holidays with us all.  We had a phenomenal time of doing absolutely nothing!  There were days that Catherine and I just grabbed our own big comfy blankets, grabbed some hot spiced tea and just watching HGTV or talked for hours.  It was a world of nothing to do and we loved every mili-second of it!  The boys loved playing in the snow with their Uncle Patrick and we ate at some pretty amazing places and laughed A LOT!  The boys built worlds of legos and train tracks around our living room floor and I believe, besides that, all we did was eat! 🙂

   Thanksgiving and Christmas were definitely not our ‘usual traditional holiday’s.  Not this year, anyhow.  At the end of November, we found out that we are expecting Weldon Baby #3!  We could NOT be more excited! The boys were so thrilled with the news, which we knew they would be.  But, it made it for a very different holiday season, as I had 24 hour ‘morning’ sickness.  I was put on Zofran, which helped with my all-day nausea, but surely didn’t ‘cure’ it by any means.  As you may have guessed, nausea = no appetite, so our usual holiday feasts were still feasts, but I didn’t gain my usual ‘holiday weight’ by a long hall.  (I guess that’s a good thing?)  So, here we are, preparing for, yet again, another great new chapter in our lives.  Our family missed out on a lot of traditions this year, because I didn’t feel well enough to do them, but the boys and Tim have all been incredibly understanding and flexible with all of this new stuff.  

   I will surely update more details, events and recent pictures that we have, in my next post!  Don’t want to leave anything out! 🙂


Prayer Request

I ask for prayers on behalf of my father in law – who is going into surgery even as I type this.
About 10 years ago – his doctor ‘missed’ while doing a colonoscopy and punctured his colon which ended up resulting in his appendix exploding – he was hospitalized, in the ICU for 2 months, followed by a year long colonoscopy bag and long-term recovery, which almost took his life on several occasions. He also just about lost his foot due to an infection, later on, that grew out of control after one of his many operations. So, the hospital has become a temporary living area for my Mother in Law, my Husband and I – in the past.
Once again, though in God’s loving arms, he is undergoing an operation to repair what was once torn muscle from his previous surgery and now has a bowel obstruction due to a twisted hernia.
I ask for prayers for peace, assurance, comfort and rest for us all – especially my Father in Law, who – for good reasons – does NOT care for operations, to say the least.
On behalf of my entire family, thank you all, in advance. God is good – Praise the Lord!

My Famous Friend

My friend, Erin Chase, has become quit the household name!  She started a blog, a couple of years ago – to challenge herself to make a dinner meal, each night, for $5.00 or less.  She came out with flying colors, and in the long hall, was asked by a publishing company to write and publish a cook book – to which she did!  Here is her book-signing event at a local bookstore. 
Becky-Boo (my BFF) with Erin’s littlest one – lucky Becky!
Famous Friend and Me!!

Another New Do

I had left over money on the gift card that Tim and the boys got me for Mother’s Day. So, I decided to go get my hair cut – again – before my 10 Yr. High School Reunion this Saturday. My last ‘Summer Do’. I had EXACTLY to the dollar amount of what I needed to get a cut and walk out of there paying NOTHING – so you can see my excitement . . .. . oh – did I forget to mention, I FORGOT the gift card at home and had to pay anyway? That’s me, though. Ask my mom. I am SO organized for big things, like vacations, trips, driving the kids places – I remember EVERYTHING . . . . tickets, passes, snacks for the car, juice cups, extra diapers, luggage, maps, sunglasses for everyone, lotion, shampoo, etc. – but the ‘simple’ things in life (purse, phone, giftcards, etc) apparently mess me up often. Oh, well – I actually got another $5 off my next visit, for booking early, and I’m getting highlights again too. All in all, it was still nice and I got one of those head massages again! Totally worth it right there!


I was ‘tagged’ by my friend, Jen.
Anyone who gets ‘tagged’ by a ‘blog buddy’ has to post their fourth picture of their fourth post.
So, here is my 4th Picture, from my 4th Blog Post.

It’s Tim and Peter, going trick-or-treating in 2007.
(One month before James was born)

I TAG Becky, Raschelle, Susie and Libby